Hong Kong

Chiang Mai: Favourite black and white pictures

After yesterday’s post with the favourite colour pictures it’s time for my favourite black and white pictures from Chiang Mai. Contrary to the colour ones, which only showed statues and temples but no people, the black and white pictures are a mix of people, city life and statues.

Chiang Mai B&W Favourite 1 Night time temple Lantern Festival

The first picture shows a temple at night time, with the floating lanterns of the lantern festival in the background.

Chiang Mai B&W Favourite 2 Lantern Festival Lady with Loi Krathong

This lady is selling bread Krathong – and the colour picture was just too crowded. I prefer the black and white one, where you can see the light falling onto her face and all the turtle bread in the foreground.

Chiang Mai B&W Favourite 3 Sleeping Tuk Tuk Driver

The next morning, this Tuk Tuk driver was really sleepy – he rested in his car, in the middle of the city, next to a busy street. He must have been very tired or have a very deep sleep!

Chiang Mai B&W Favourite 4 Typical Street

This is a typical road in Chiang Mai – lots of bikes everywhere. Small houses, lots of electrical cords and many cafes, restaurants and bars. The pace in this city is quite slow (it’s Thailand, not Hong Kong) and you can always stroll into a place, have a coffee, watch the people going by and then continue with your visit to one of the many temples in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai B&W Favourite 5 Rikscha Driver

If you don’t walk, you can hire a tuk tuk or even a rickshaw driver to take you around town.

Chiang Mai B&W Favourite 6 Food stall

During the lantern festival there was a food market right in the city centre, it only was open at night time and you could purchase some snacks including a very spicy beef salad there. The sellers were really busy, it was a hectic evening for them, there was hardly a moment to replenish their supplies, add more meat to the bbq, make fresh fish balls, fry additional spring rolls and cut mango slices for the sticky rice with mango.

Chiang Mai B&W Favourite 7 Temple

I noticed that some of my temple pictures look fantastic in black and white too – they are normally very colorful, but the bareness of black and white really adds another layer.

Chiang Mai B&W Favourite 8 Temple

The picture above normally is an orgy in gold, with gold and more gold.

Chiang Mai B&W Favourite 9 Statue

Some dancers in front of a temple, guarding the entrance…

Chiang Mai B&W Favourite 10 Dragon

… and finally a dragon/lion guarding the river, to end this series and our trip to Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

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