Cafe Corridor in Hong Kong

This small cafe has been in Hong Kong for quite some time now, but I’ve only recently discovered it. It’s right in the centre of Times Square, just opposite the Lane Crawford entrance, but because it’s a little hidden I’ve never noticed it.

Cafe Corridor 1

However, if you look out for it you can see the sign at the entrance and then just follow the nice coffee smell to the back of the building, through a long corridor… so yes, that’s the story of the cafe’s name.

Cafe Corridor 2

The cafe is small, just a few tables inside, but with a small seating space outside. More importantly the coffee tastes really nice, I’ve enjoyed a good Americano with some milk.

Cafe Corridor 3

They offer a few snacks – some sandwiches and cakes. But of course, the real pull is the coffee.

Cafe Corridor 4

There are no windows in the small cafe on the ground floor, but lots of art work and some mirrors that make the small room appear larger. During weekends it can be packed and very crowded, but usually tables turn quickly so you can grab a seat – or just order coffee for takeaway and enjoy it outside.

Useful info:

  • Café Corridor, G/F, 26A Russell Street in Causeway Bay is opposite the entrance to Lane Crawford
  • It opens at 12 so don’t turn up for breakfast
  • The owner is an expert barista – if you’re lucky he’ll create an image in your coffee foam for you!

5 responses to “Cafe Corridor in Hong Kong

  1. We discovered this place in our first week in Hong Kong…but then kept it secret for fear of it becoming even more overcrowded than it already gets!!! Sadly, we’ve found it really inconsistent over time – some days its fabulous, other days coffee is lukewarm and takes a long time. Sillyboo in Tin Hau is run by the same crew and is worth checking out. And if you’re a real coffee snob (like we are) we can give you a more complete list of really superb places!

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