B&W Photography: Wan Chai market (part 1)

It’s surprising how often I visit Wan Chai market with a camera in my hand – that’s because it is so convenient to reach and there’s always something happening. There are some cafes and little restaurants at the market, which make for a nice start of my photo session.

B&W Wan Chai Market 1 Cafe

However, what I find much more interesting are the piles of fruit and vegetables – always neatly arranged:

B&W Wan Chai Market 2 Vegetables

The same goes for the meat – this shop is specialised in chicken meat and offers lots of different variety:

B&W Wan Chai Market 3 Chicken Meat

Or are you looking for different types and cuts of meat? Then head to this butcher:

B&W Wan Chai Market 4 Butcher

Sausages are also an all-time favourite in China, they add much flavour and spice to noodle and rice dishes. They come in different shapes and tastes, sometimes they can be quite fatty and spicy – but that’s exactly what you might need on a cold winter day.

B&W Wan Chai Market 5 Sausages

I’m always amazed at the cleanliness of the wet and open markets in Hong Kong – this store sells so many different cuts and types of meat. I can’t even tell what they all are – and they are all neatly arranged and don’t smell at all.

B&W Wan Chai Market 6 Another butcher

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