B&W Photography: Walking around Causeway Bay

Talking about high rents and limited space… here are some shots of buildings that I took while strolling through Causeway Bay on a Sunday afternoon. As you can tell, it’s never quiet in Hong Kong, shops are always open and people are busy walking through the streets.

The first picture was talking on our way to visit the coffee shop 18 GRAMS in Cannon Street, close to the to the president theatre on Cannon Street.

Cannon Street

The shot below shows the Times Square shopping mall.

Times Square

Next to it is Lee Garden Road, which is partly pedestrianized. It still has lots of old shops and houses. Quite a contrast to the modern, glitzy Hysan Place, Pacific Place, Elements or IFC shopping smalls (just to name a few…)

Lee Garden Road

The new shopping mall and business tower Hysan Place is the tall building in the background. This is where the third and recently opened Apple store is located.

Hysan Place

Walking around the next corner, Pak Sha Road, is another of the smaller streets with older buildings – there are only a few parking spaces in this area, so you often see cars driving slowly through the area looking to drop off or pick up someone.

Pak Sha Road

The final picture for today shows Hysan Place being reflected in a building right opposite.

Opposite Hysan Place

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