HK Island, Hong Kong

B&W Photography: People around Causeway Bay

After yesterday’s post about buildings in Causeway Bay, it’s time to show the people walking through this busy shopping district.

Can you believe it that the first picture was not taken in Japan? It’s an average day and Causeway Bay is packed with people going shopping. As soon as there is no car approaching (regardless of the traffic light) people start crossing the street.

People in Causeway Bay 1

In Hong Kong there are many newspaper stands, often at busy street corners and you can purchase a wide array of (mainly) Chinese publications. There are a few that sell English papers too, but those ones tend to be in sightseeing areas, e.g. at the ferry terminals.

People in Causeway Bay 2

A reflection of someone walking down the street – and yes, the someone is Patrick. He was walking in front of me, on his way to the photography shop to pick up new rolls of film and get full ones developed.

People in Causeway Bay 3

It’s funny to see where Chinese people can sleep – not just on public transport, but also in restaurants at the table or just on a chair in the middle of the street:

People in Causeway Bay 4

And finally, a very sad but common picture: elderly people collecting paper or other recyclable goods with an old trolley. That’s how they earn a tiny extra amount of money, probably too little to afford a proper meal with it.

People in Causeway Bay 5

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