B&W Photography: Travelling on the tram

My final black and white photo shots for this week are one of my favourites. They were taken on the same day we were out and about in Causeway Bay taking different shots of buildings, people and just general life on the street.

Tram travel in B&W 3

We took the tram (I love taking the old-fashioned double-decker trams in Hong Kong!) to get from Central to Causeway Bay and it was lunchtime on a Sunday, so not very busy. We almost had the tram to ourselves so we took a few pictures inside the tram – here is one of Patrick with his new mid-sized camera.

Tram travel in B&W 1

The journey from Central to Causeway Bay only takes between 15-20 minutes if there’s not much traffic – and it’s a very interesting ride. First you pass all the modern skyscrapers in Central, the shiny Pacific Place shopping mall in Admiralty, and suddenly the tram makes a small turn into Johnston Road in Wan Chai. This is a lively street, you go past lots of little shops and restaurants, the Southern Playground and Southern Stadium, the Pawn bar and restaurant in an old-style Pawn shop building, the side streets that lead to Wan Chai market and finally you make another small turn and you are back in Hennessy Road.

Tram travel in B&W 2

In this street are more offices (we used to have our office in the CRE building, just opposite the tram stop shown above – now we’ve moved, I’ll share more about our new office on the blog shortly), banks, shops – even a computer centre (289) with a similar size to the Wan Chai Computer Centre.

Tram travel in B&W 4

Another shot of Patrick with his new camera… and then we are about to leave the tram. As always, you get on the tram at the back and exit at the front, paying upon your exit. The price is always the same, currently it’s 2.30 HKD per adult, so really cheap. I would recommend sitting at the top, the view is nicer and you can sit in the direction the tram is driving.

Tram travel in B&W 5


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