Esperanza Spalding live in concert in Hong Kong

Last Saturday I saw Esperanza Spalding in concert in Hong Kong – she is a great young jazz singer and very talented. She is the first jazz musician to win the Grammy Awards for Best New Artists in 2011.

Esperanza Spalding Concert in Hong Kong March 2013

Together with her 12 piece band she performed songs from her recent album, Radio Music Society. Her music is heavily influenced by Brasilian Jazz to which she adds R&B and Fusion. It’s a bold and confident album for a singer who is so young and bright.

I enjoyed the evening – the gig was well arranged. As soon Esperanza was on stage, she chatted with the crowd, herself or an imagined lover, to introduce the songs but also her band. There were quite a few solo performances from her band members, and the guys are very talented too.

Esperanza’s own playing and singing was quiet remarkable – but I do have to say that I need to get more used to her voice changing so quickly from high to low tones and back again. It is quite a daring performance!

Here’s ‘Black Gold’ for you, if you watch the video below:

I don’t know how much she changed them from the album versions, I’ve not listened to them before. But now I know that I want to listen more closely to ‘Cinnamon Tree’ and ‘Radio Song’, which I really enjoyed.


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