Hong Kong, Outlying Islands

Spring in Discovery Bay

Spring finally has arrived in Discovery Bay, we’ve had a few warm days with 25 degrees and blue sky. I’ve used this as an opp to walk around with my camera and take some nice pictures… and in case you wonder, this was not yesterday, as we had a big thunderstorm and lots of rain!

Pink flowers in Discovery Bay 1

I took some pictures on the way from our flat to the ferry pier and I am just amazed by the sheer colour of these pink flowers. They are so bright – and work well with the blue sky.

Pink flowers in Discovery Bay 3

While looking at the pictures, I remembered that I had taken similar photos last year (here) and funnily enough, the pictures are pretty much the same, except we had nicer weather this year! And it seems they’ve redone the yellow markings on the street since then!

Pink flowers in Discovery Bay 2

4 thoughts on “Spring in Discovery Bay”

  1. Hi Bluebalu, Great pics of DB Looks like Caperidge but could be anywhere in DB. I was interested, Do you know What happened to discoverybayforum ? I recently got an “forbidden” error message at their website. Is something up ? It seemed strange. Mike in KLN

    1. Thanks Mike – I was walking from Caperidge Drive past Twilight Court when I took the pictures. The forum is down, you are right, but I don’t know why. Maybe too many discussions about the planned fare increase for the DB ferry?!?! :-) Have a great weekend, Ruth

      1. Hi Ruth, You are probably right about the reason for the demise of the DBforum. DBers are definitely opinionated about
        things that irk them. Kind of creepy that the whole site would go down due to seemingly normal complaints about price rises.
        Anyway, all your pics are great. Not only those of DB . Glad you shared them Mike in KLN

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