Hong Kong

All made out of paper – part 2

A few while back I wrote (here) about joss paper also known as ghost money, which are paper-crafts that are burned at funerals to ensure that spirit of the deceased has lots of good things in the afterlife.

Paper gifts 1 Fake money

I was walking through Bowrington Road Market close to Times Square and on the second floor are a few stalls selling joss paper and other gifts made out of paper. Of course, they sold the obvious money. But they also sold personal hygiene products, like this set of medicines.

Paper gifts 2 medicine

Also on offer are toothpaste, mouth wash and even a set of third teeth. Someone really has thought this through and prepared everything you can think of that the deceased might need in their afterlife.

Paper gifts 3 Toothpaste

1 thought on “All made out of paper – part 2”

  1. This Chinese practice always struck me as odd. What if the deceased family member finds out they’ve been given fake goods? :-)

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