HK Island, Hong Kong

Photography: Bowrington Road Market

Last Sunday, exactly a week ago, I was exploring the area south of Hennessy Road in Wan Chai. It was a grey and cloudy day, but it was a busy day at the Bowrington Road market. The market is located just off Canal Road on the border between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai and it is one of many wet markets across Hong Kong.

There are butcher shops with their red wares hanging, seafood stalls with a variety of fish, crabs and shellfish and lots of fruit and vegetable stalls selling almost anything. There are even seafood restaurants at street level and a Cooked Food Centre, which is cheaper with more generous portions and nicer food, then some of the restaurants outside the market.

Bowrington Road Market 1

I walked around the market with my camera and set myself the challenge to take some colour pictures. I’m still trying to get to grips with my Olympus OMD camera and I don’t like the colour in my pictures. So for the last weeks I kept post-processing all my pictures to black and white (like the recent tram journey or people in Causeway Bay).

Bowrington Road Market 2 Meat

However, for this market visit I set myself a challenge to take pictures that would stay in colour. I allowed myself to change the colours later, in Lightroom, but the pictures had to stay in colour. So once I took my pictures and sorted through them, I decided to apply a Kodak Porta 400 filter, to give my pictures a dated, old-fashioned look. The other challenge I had set myself today was to speak to the shop owners and ask them if I could take their picture – I did not want to shoot from the hip, but actually plan the picture I was taking. So I ended up speaking quite a lot of time to this very friendly Halal butcher, who had his shop on the second floor, tucked away in a corner. He was very friendly and happy to have someone to talk to – it was very quiet on the second floor.

Bowrington Road Market 3 Halal Butcher

The fish monger was also happy to be in one of my pictures, but he was a little uncomfortable, he did not want to look straight into my camera. Maybe I should have told him just to get on his work and I would take a few pictures while he was busy. Oh well, maybe something for next time.

Bowrington Road Market 4 Fish Seller

The final picture for today shows a very happy and friendly fruit seller – I actually did purchase apples from her in the end. This is how far a smile goes, I just had to buy from her stall, given she was so smiley and friendly!

Bowrington Road Market 5 Fruit Stall

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