Hong Kong, Kowloon

Photography: Canton Road

After strolling around TST we made our way along Canton Road, which s a major road Kowloon and known for its expensive shops – Prada, Gucci, Dior etc, are all next to each other.

The road runs mostly parallel and west to Nathan Road. It starts from the junction with Salisbury Road in the south and ends in the north at the junction with Lai Chi Kok Road in the Prince Edward area. It is a very busy area, especially on the weekend – so we did not stop much to take pictures. I only took the picture of these kids, who were waiting with their dad outside a shop – probably their mom was still busy shopping inside.

Canton Street 1 kids

We continued walking, past the China Ferry Terminal and finally it became quieter, less hectic and less busy. There is a flyover across the road and we had to take a subway path to cross the street to the other side. I quickly shot a picture of these towers in the background, I quite like the way the curve from the flyover meets the buildings.

Canton Street 2 buildings

On the other side of the road it feels different – less touristy, more local. Lots of smaller houses, shops and restaurants – it’s a busy area of the city. Every square centimetre is occupied, at least that is what it feels like.

Canton Street 3 house front

Here is a shot of one of the building entrances – you can see all the letterboxes in the entrance. Every flat has its own box, each in a slightly different style and format. That’s very typical for Hong Kong. Most of the times the entrances are quite cluttered with lots of boxes, so this one is quite a neat and organised example.

Canton Street 4 old mailboxes

The final picture for today shows a ray of sun peaking out behind the tall ICC in Hong Kong, the tallest building in this city and the fifth tallest in the world right now.

Kowloon IFC

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