Hong Kong, Kowloon

Photography: Temple Street

After walking through Canton Road, we made our way over to Temple Street, where the night market is set up every evening. We entered from the south side of the street, in Yau Mai Tai.

Temple Street Yau Ma Tei 1

The first picture is taken across Jordan Road, showing Temple Street with the red Chinese arch way, exactly opposite.

Temple Street Yau Ma Tei 2 United Mansion

We can’t cross the street here, Jordan Road is way too busy, so we make our way to the next traffic lights – which happen to be next to United Mansion, which is a huge apartment block.

Temple Street Yau Ma Tei 3 United Mansion

Hong Kong’s big buildings never fail to amaze me, with its massive blocks of flats but also the sheer amount of people living in this vibrant city. Just looking at all the people crossing the street on a Saturday afternoon makes me feel dizzy.

Temple Street Yau Ma Tei 4

Traffic is closed in Temple Street from late afternoon, when the night market sets up, so you can easily stroll around. There are more than a hundred stalls selling almost everything, from clothing to mobile phones and watches. If one has to buy merchandise in the actual Temple Street, one has to hunt for shops hidden in streets behind the stalls rather than looking in the stall themselves.

Temple Street Yau Ma Tei 5 Rich car

We strolled around Temple Street as the market was just setting up – and as always in Hong Kong, the contrast between rich and poor can’t be less obvious. Big cars parking in the street, old bikes used for deliveries next to them.

Temple Street Yau Ma Tei 5 Poor Bike

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