Hong Kong, Kowloon

Photography: People of Temple Street

Here are some people that live and work on Temple Street and its surroundings.

People of Temple Street 1

Let’s start with some of the most friendly shop owners I’ve encountered in Kowloon so far – lots of happy people, smiling at me and my camera.

People of Temple Street 2

People of Temple Street 12

Also the cooks and dish washers in the back alley were happy to see me – maybe not that many tourists venture through the back alleys and streets? I know there’s lots to see at the front, but there is often even more at the back.

People of Temple Street 3

People of Temple Street 4

Here’s a bun seller, who’s giving Patrick a ‘high five’ – for taking a picture of him and his buns. I stood next to Patrick, so I took this shot from the side. Still, quite powerful, don’t you think? It made me purchase pork and leek dumplings from the bun seller and they were really yummy, so good that they were eaten within in 10 secs!

People of Temple Street 5

3 thoughts on “Photography: People of Temple Street”

  1. Hi Ruth,

    I’m Carlos, 26, I love your blog so much! I’m in Australia and enjoy my working holiday in here. But someone always ask me that “I’m never been Hong Kong before, so can you tell me what kind of city about Hong Kong?” Now, I can show your blog to them, because I can answer questions through your blog! :)

    I will follow your blog and try to stand on westerner side to see and feel.Thank you, Ruth.



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