Hong Kong, Kowloon

Photography: People of Temple Street (continued)

Let me continue yesterday’s post about the people living and working on Temple Street – there were so many great characters at the market, I really enjoyed the stroll on a Saturday afternoon.

This lady worked in the shop to the left and she just stepped outside to worship on the small street altar next to the shop. I caught her by surprise, so that’s why she’s looking at me so bewildered.

People of Temple Street 7

Would you like to try some herbal tea? Please help yourself, it’s only 7 HKD per cup.

People of Temple Street 8

This toddler was very curious about my camera – he’s got such a focused look on his face, incredible. I like the contrast with his mum, who just smiles at him and is so much more at ease.

People of Temple Street 9

Fresh pineapple anyone? Or any other fruit? This fruit seller has lots on offer.

People of Temple Street 10

Of course, there are lots of cool and hip people around this area – like this guy here. He was happy to pose for my picture, with his quirky hair style and glasses.

People of Temple Street 11

We left around 7pm, the market was still being set up and the two men decided to ease their waiting time by playing a set of cards.

People of Temple Street 12

3 thoughts on “Photography: People of Temple Street (continued)”

  1. It’s nice that so many people willingly let you take photos of them in action. I find mixed reactions when I try.

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