My travel confessions

Ok, so now is my turn – after Mike from World Adventurers tagged me in his post on travel confessions I need to follow in his foot steps and share mine.

Caroline and Josh from the blog Traveling 9 to 5 started the Travel Confessions chain in August 2012 as a way for travel writers to share their travel secrets. There are some rules to follow, e.g. tweeting your post and tagging other travellers, but there’s no need to take this too seriously, as it is a fun competition without any prize at the end.

One of my family traditions is to always travel with some chocolate in our bag – and not just any chocolate, but for us it has to be a small Toblerone bar – the classical gold one. Of course, we’ll sample more chocolates as we travel, but to start of, we always carry our own chocolate bar in case we are in need of a serious chocolate fix!

15 - Toblerone

I love tea – so when I travel, I always take my own assortment of herbal tea with me – and then end up picking up some of the tea bags from the hotel room (as there is often more than enough) to take it back home and use it up at home. As a result, I have been drinking tea from Hawaii back in November in Hong Kong, even if we’ve been back from our great trip in April months earlier!

Good morning tea

I’m not superstitious, but when I travel, I tend to wear a necklace with an elk that my mum has given me years ago. It’s funny to see the elk travelling to many far away places and looking back at my pictures at home, I notice that the elk has been to many many many countries by now.

In Ginza in Tokyo:
Elk in Ginza

In Mui Wo:
Elk in Mui Wo

In Stanley:
Elk in Stanley

During our trip to Taipei:
Elk in Taipei

What else? When travelling I always like to visit local markets and supermarkets – I find it interesting to see what’s being sold and bought there. I also like to try different food and drinks, regardless of how sweet, spicy or sour they are.

Plus I always try and read up about some the destination beforehand, preferably on blogs – I currently enjoy and David at because of their Tokyo/Japan posts. So can you guess where I am going next?

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