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Giant rubber duck in Hong Kong

I was contemplating whether or not to post about the rubber duck – everyone in Hong Kong has talked about it for days now. It’s probably ‘old’ news already. But then, maybe not all my readers are from Hong Kong. So it could still be news to you.

Victoria Harbor has a new attraction (at least until June 9). A huge rubber duck, designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman to ‘put a smile’ on people’s faces, is floating in the harbour. It has already visited famous waters around the world, including the cities of Sydney, Osaka and Auckland.

Source: Timesnewsfeed
Source: Timesnewsfeed

It was pulled into the harbour last Thursday, on a grey and rainy day, and is now sitting in front of the Ocean Terminal and Harbour City. The South China Morning Post provided a few interesting stats about this plastic bird:

Here’s a video showing how the duck arrived in Hong Kong and was greeted by lots of fans:

Overall it’s quite fun, but also very cheesy. I don’t really understand why one piece of art can dominate the news so much – it’s a little overwhelming. I wish that other art, from less well-known artists, would receive a similar reception in Hong Kong.

6 thoughts on “Giant rubber duck in Hong Kong”

    1. Alive and kicking – he already figured out that I get up earlier than Patrick, so he ‘wakes’ me up instead of him. He is also very curious about our fridge, if he could just sneak into it! But we won’t allow him.

      1. Can you see the “duck” from your apartment. – Does Sam have a bed, scratching post etc or does he sleep with you two in the bed? My Sam has his own blanket that he sleeps on the other side of my bed. In the middle of the night he comes and crawls under the covers with me.

      2. No, we can’t see the duck from our flat. But I can see it from my office on the 15th floor, we’re having a partial view of the harbour.

  1. I love the ducky – I saw it in Auckland originally and now get to see it again here! I think the hype is awesome for the sole fact that its so rare for any kind of art to reach so many people. People that wouldn’t give ‘art’ the time of day normally can’t help but at least be slightly amused (or confused) about this giant rubbery dude! :)

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