B&W Photography: Ginza in the rain

Unfortunately we were not that lucky, the rain continued throughout the following days. We decided to visit Ginza (we’ve been here before in October last year and really enjoyed it) because we could then take coffee and shopping breaks, visit small galleries and continue Patrick’s hunt for a new camera.

Ginza in the rain B&W 1

Walking through the streets of Ginza, all the colours seemed to be washed out by the rain. It all felt grey to me. Even my colour pictures looked grey to me, so I decided to process them a little further and turn them into black and white photos.

Ginza in the rain B&W 2

All I could see today was people carrying umbrellas. Wherever they went, the little umbrellas kept their owners dry.

Ginza in the rain B&W 3

We did not have an umbrella with us (but we had rain coats with hoods that kept us dry) but every now and then we had to escape into a camera shop. Like this one, it was specialised in Leica cameras. Patrick looked at all the different models in quite some detail, but I just stood in the shopping window, looking outside and watching the passers-by.

Ginza in the rain B&W 4

I snapped a few pictures of people walking with their umbrellas outside – the Leica models are surrounding them. Quite a nice little shot, which I liked an repeated a few times. These two are the ones that I liked best, all the other shots I’ve deleted. The store assistants were giving us space and time to look around, the must have been wondering what I’ve been doing – even more so that I did not shoot with a Leica, but with an OMD EM-5.

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