Crocheted Fish and Sushi

So, back from my Japan posts … I missed this year’s Art Basel show at the end of May in Hong Kong. My friends went and said that there was some outstanding work, which I really would have enjoyed. Oh well, maybe next time I can go and have a look around?

Thinking about art and remembering all the amazing fish we saw and ate in Japan I wanted to share a very unique artist and her work with you. Her name is Kate Jenkins and she does Crocheted Art (here is her website). I stumbled across her work on the Internet while searching for some food recipes – and I thought her work is really clever and different.

Kate Jenkins is a knitting genius – just look at those fish dishes. Aren’t they clever?

Kate Jenkins Crocheted Art 1

Anyone fancy some pasta?

Kate Jenkins Crocheted Art 2

What about a Bento box with some shrimp?

Kate Jenkins Crocheted Art 4

No? Then have some sushi. Or better said ‘sewshi’.

Kate Jenkins Crocheted Art 3

Not all her dishes are fish or ‘sewshi’ related, she does other dishes or foods too. I like this Chinese takeaway too, isn’t it fun?

Kate Jenkins Crocheted Art 4

Not sure what her plans are, but if she’ll ever exhibit in Hong Kong, I’ll make sure to be there!

4 responses to “Crocheted Fish and Sushi

  1. I love these pieces. I noticed her work in a gallery in London a few years ago and I recognised her work from the first plate you posted! It’s almost good enough to eat :)

  2. Sewshi…I love it. We’ll be stopping by Narita overnight in July and I’ll have to try some. :-)

    • Yes – sushi in Japan is a must. The quality is amazing. I don’t enjoy sushi in HK anymore, I feel so let down after the amazing freshness and quality in Japan! :)

      • I know…we ate sushi almost every day when we were in Tokyo a few years ago. One of our favorite movies is the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” I still think my favorite sushi experience was at a small restaurant near Cannon Beach, Oregon across the highway from the dock where the trawlers brought in daily salmon catches. From boat to plate in less than an hour. Yum.

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