Boat hire at the Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park

After 2,5 years in Hong Kong and lots of hiking on the island-side, I uncovered something I’ve not seen or heard of before. Just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Wan Chai is the Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park, a few steps below the ugly pink Park View complex.

I’ve passed by a dozen times, but never actually visited. But since it was a hot sunny day and we just finished a hike from Stanley over the Twins and Violet Hill, we decided to stop at the public bathrooms, which just happened to be next to the reservoir.

The building has a balcony at its back, which just happens to overlook the reservoir – and while I walked over there, to look at the reservoir, I saw a small cafe selling beer and snacks and noticed a sign for rental boats. Looking out over the balcony, I could also see the paddle boats at the reservoir.

I took the steps down to the platform next to the reservoir, and yes there was a ‘booking office’ where you could purchase tickets to hire a pedal or rowing boat.

Boat Hire ParkView 1

The prices per hour are slightly higher on weekends and public holidays. Rates also differ depending on the number of seats in the craft you choose. They offer two-seat or four-seat paddle boats and row boats for rent.

Boat Hire ParkView 2

Either way, you can hire the boats per hour – and after that you can just sit at the deck, have a drink or snack (there is another small cafe) and relax.

Boat Hire ParkView 3

Boat Hire ParkView 4

I’m sure it will be a fun day out for kids – but don’t expect a massive amount of exercise. The reservoir is not large – but it is quite scenic.

Boat Hire ParkView 5

Boat Hire ParkView 6

It is just a 10 minutes taxi drive away from Wan Chai – so it could be a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of all the people shopping at the markets or taking the MTR. You can either take a taxi from Wan Chai or Bus 6 or 61 from Exchange Square Terminus, Central, to Wong Nai Chung Gap Road – but then you’ll have to walk 10-15 mins uphill.


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