HK Island, Hong Kong

Quintessentially Hong Kong

I’ve looked through the pictures I’ve taken over the last six months and I’ve selected a few that symbolise Hong Kong for me – and no, those pictures are not the typical ones that you’ll see in a tourism bureau brochure, as I did not pick the obvious ones (e.g. Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour or the Skyline). My quintessentially Hong Kong pictures are…

quintessentially HK 1 - people eating on the street

… people eating every where and every time. This picture was taken in one of the small side streets to the Central Market, but it could have been in Kowloon on one of the markets or inside many of the cooked food centres around Hong Kong. Small chairs and tables, people (who know or might not know each other) sitting next to each other and eating the specialty of the store. It could be noodles, spicy soup or maybe BBQ pork with rice? There are so many great, tasty and affordable dishes to choose from!

quintessentially HK 2 - people shopping

Of course, the next picture has to be about people shopping. This seems to be the favourite past time of almost every person in Hong Kong given the number of shopping malls in Hong Kong. Wikipedia lists over 90 shopping malls in Hong Kong and calls the list incomplete! That’s because a new shopping location opens almost every other week. I’ve got to walk through at least one shopping centre (IFC, which is the one in the picture above) to get to work everyday and that’s not unusual – I know many people that have to walk through two or three every day to get from the MTR or bus station to their office and back.

quintessentially HK 3 - raining day in Wan Chai

The next picture was taken during a tram ride in Wan Chai – it was a rainy day, like it has been recently. It’s in the morning, so the small green shops are all still closed and the people are on their way to their offices. This street will be packed later today, with lots of people shopping there.

quintessentially HK 4 - night time shopping

See? This is the same market, just one street further to the East. It’s night time now and people are on their way home, picking up their dinners and shopping. At night time many markets are very busy, especially the Ladies Market in Mong Kok. Some markets, like this market in Wan Chai will close around 8pm but some shops might stay open longer.

quintessentially HK 5 - market in central

Here’s a shot of one of the market booths in Central. I’m always amazed at how much fits into one of the green booths – they look tiny when they are all packed up. But as soon as the shops are open, they expand and showcase all their products in a space at least twice if not triple their size.

quintessentially HK 6 - bbq pork

The final picture of today shows a small restaurant in Central, selling Hong Kong’s famous char siu. BBQ pork, goose or duck with its typical red colour and fragrant taste. Yummy, ey?

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