End of the 2012/2013 horse-racing season

Every year in summer, the horse racing season comes to an end. There’s a big finale in Sha Tin on Sunday July 7 and one in Happy Valley on Wednesday July 10.

Last race of the season 2012-2013 Happy Valley

So you’ve got two more races to enjoy at the Happy Valley Racecourse before the end of this season. The next one is on Thursday July 4 (I’m sure the theme is going to be American) and then the final one on Wednesday July 10.

The general stand entrance starts at 10 HKD (as usual) and then you can decide whether to get beer or cocktails to enjoy the races. You can find out more about the last race of this season here (website).

Just make sure to pick up a copy of the Race Post in the SCMP on Wednesday morning so you can prepare for the races – hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to bet on the right horse, to end the 2012/2013 season on a high. The new season will start in September 2013 again.

Happy Valley Instagram


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