Rabbithole Coffee & Roaster in Wan Chai

+++ Update June 2015: This is now closed +++

Finally, after Patrick told me about this for a few weeks now, we’ve made it to the new outlet of the Rabbithole Coffee & Roaster company. It’s at 3 Landale Street in Wan Chai, so just a few minutes away from Pacific Place 3.

Rabbithole Wan Chai 1

We visited it on Monday, just before we watched the July 1 march on the street. It was raining, so not many people were around and we were lucky that we immediately could grab a seat. The place is so small, there are only a few tables and a few extra window seats – so either you are lucky and wait for a few minutes for a free space or you’ll have to order takeaway.

The other difference is that there are no coffee/espresso machines lining the walls – it’s more a coffee bar and not a workshop area like the Rabbithole in Central, next to the escalator.

Rabbithole Wan Chai 3

Anyway, we tried the cappuccino and flat white coffees – both just the standard brew, not the house special. Both coffees were nice and hot, with strong, bold coffee flavour. But not too bitter, so ideal for me.

Rabbithole Wan Chai 2

I had wanted to try the affogato, but they did not have any ice that day – which is a shame, I would have loved to try it. I saw other people drinking the ice cold drip coffee, but I’ve had it in the Central outlet before and I did not like it. It was too bitter for me. So I just stayed with my flat white.

I actually enjoyed it so much, I went for another cup (same great taste, different milk froth design). For the first coffee we added three macaroons (I’m just such a big fan of macaroons it’s insane) which came in a small box and cost 45 or 48 HKD (can’t remember exactly). They were caramel, rose and a third flavour (which I could not tell) – but they were just stored in the fridge and because of that they were soggy and crumbly. Unfortunately not that great.

Rabbithole Wan Chai 5

But the sandwiches looked amazing – they were baking fresh breads (looked like ciabatta) and just pulling it out of the oven when we arrived. The smell was divine. A few customers ordered the meatball sandwich and it looked really good – and given nothing was left on their plates, it must have tasted nice too. So a note to myself: next time, skip the macaroons and order the sandwich.

Rabbithole Wan Chai 4

Will there be a next time? Yes, if I can squeeze in to find a place and watch the coffee experts at work!

Rabbithole Coffee & Roaster
3 Landale Street
Wan Chai


2 responses to “Rabbithole Coffee & Roaster in Wan Chai

  1. The Central branch has NO choices for non-coffee drinkers – how bout this branch? I know its a specialist coffee place but its always nice to be able to take friends to cool places and know that they can get something too :) Our last time at Rabbithole was a little awkward, haha.

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