Lately: Me & Photography

I noticed that it has been a long time that I posted about photography – and that’s not because I’ve not been interested in it. It just seems I don’t have enough time in my day to fit everything I’d like to do in the 24 hours I have.

Apart from working, commuting, feeding & playing with our cat Sam I try to read as much as possible, find time to do some shopping, cooking & eating and then recently my time has been occupied with sailing lessons, hiking and yoga sessions.

End of the day, something has got to give, and unfortunately this has been taking pictures and improving my skills. Patrick has been very lucky that he had time off to go on his photo course and take pictures, but I’ve not taken many pictures lately.

Still, I’m trying to improve, so here is a shot from me and with me, taken a few days ago in Admiralty where I was on the hunt for a great picture opportunity.

Photography - myself in the mirror


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