B&W photography: Recent favourites from HK

My post yesterday was all about the fact that I wish I had more time to take pictures in and around Hong Kong… and that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I spent last Sunday going through all my recent pictures on Lightroom and editing/processing the best ones. So here are some recent black and white ones that I really like:

Backstreet in CWB

The first picture shows a backstreet in Causeway Bay, but it could be almost anywhere in Hong Kong. As soon as you leave the big streets with the big signs, bright lights and shiny shop fronts, all back streets look pretty similar. Small, narrow, dark – but all alleys that I encountered where safe enough to wander through and take some pictures.

Bicycle in CWB

This bike was parked in Causeway Bay too, actually next to the fairly new and shiny Hysan Place. It’s an old bike, used for delivery. Bikes like that are used every day, you see the delivery boys biking next to the tram and buses, delivering fresh noodles, vegetables or meat in the morning, maybe some lunch boxes around noon, papers and more supplies in the afternoon before the dinner runs start. Here in Hong Kong the delivery men (and women) often just jump from their bike and leave the bike standing next to the pavement, unlocked. They are back in a few minutes, jump back on the bike and pedal away.

Rice in CWB

Continuing with my every day life pictures, here is a shot from a market stall selling rice. Different types come in different qualities and of course in different prices.

Black and White Trees on Lantau

This is one of my favourite shots during our Lantau Trail hikes – it’s been taken in Pui O, one the last leg of our Lantau Trail hike. It was so peaceful and quiet and I just love the reflection of the trees in the water.

View from High West Mountain

Finally, to end this series – a shot taken during the hike around the Peak to the High West Mountain. It was nice in colour but much more dramatic in black and white, with all the clouds building up.


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