Restaurant Week 2013

Talking about food… Hong Kong’s Restaurant Week arrives in a few days. It will run from August 5 to August 11 and participating restaurants will offer a 3 course lunch from HK$98 to HK$248 and/or a 3 course dinner from HK$258 to HK$438.

A number of well-known restaurants take part – and some of them are already fully booked, like the Blue Butcher (great reviews here on The Dim Sum Diaries or That Food Cray), FoFo by el Willy (Hungry Su’s post makes me hungry) or WHISK (here’s a beautiful looking review at Hungry HK), even if the official reservations start only at July 31 at 4pm.

Check out the website for more information and to see which restaurants are included – I’ll try and see if I can visit Cuisine Cuisine, Jashan or Lupa. Those would be nice to try…

… in the meantime, here’s a shot of me, showing me eating. I thought this shot fits this post well!

Solera Discovery Bay 3


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