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Review: Bistecca

Continuing my posts about food… a few days ago we met with our friends for dinner and because we were three boys and two girls, we opted for a meat-feast. We visited the Tuscan steakhouse Bistecca, which is well-established in Hong Kong and one of the best places to eat steak.

Bistecca Steakhouse Hong Kong 4

We’ve been before and it is always really packed, so we were surprised to see that it was quieter on a Monday evening in July – but then we remembered that it is summer and holiday season, so many people are currently not in Hong Kong. We had shared meat platters before, but this time we all decided to order our own steaks.

Bistecca Steakhouse Hong Kong 1

It was easy to choose – there is a huge glass-fronted butchers’ counter fridge laden with various cuts of steak in front of the kitchen and on the place mats is a diagram of a cow showing exactly where the different pieces of beef come from. The girls went for filets, the boys choose the larger ribeye steaks.

Bistecca Steakhouse Hong Kong 2

Bistecca Steakhouse Hong Kong 3

After we placed our order, we had some herby focaccia with olive oil and vegetable crudites with a tangy anchovy dip. The steak is then charcoal grilled, drizzled with Tuscan olive oil and lemon and served up on a rustic wooden board with a mound of rock salt.

Bistecca Steakhouse Hong Kong 5

We also received six little white porcelain pots of sauce including salsa verde, dijon mustard, horseradish, BBQ sauce and others. As sides we had ordered Zucchini fries, potato wedges, baked broccoli with cheese, creamy spinach – it was way too much food, as always.

Bistecca Steakhouse Hong Kong 6


We stuffed our bellies with the delicious meat – I had a very good medium filet that I really enjoyed, but my friend Monica was a little sad to see her medium-rare filet to be as cooked as mine. They had left it on the grill too long. But still it tasted nice. The boys were also happy with their choices – and so was Sam, our cat, who received some of the leftover steak as a special dinner (together with some canned cat food) over the next evenings.

The service was efficient, knowledgeable and quick this time – but we’ve been before on busy evenings where we did have to bring some patience with us. So be aware, it could be a little busy and hectic.

Will I go there again? Yes, the steak is of great quality and taste. I’ve heard people say that the appetizers and other main dishes are not that great, but I’ve not tried them. I usually go for the steak and the steak has always been very good.

Bistecca Italian Steak House
2/F, Grand Progress Building
15-16 Lan Kwai Fong
Central, Hong Kong
Tel. 2525 1308

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