Review: Meat Mountain

After one of my Quarry Bay to Tin Hau night hikes, a few fellow hikers decided to join me for dinner in Tin Hau. Unfortunately the New York Club is closed on Wednesdays so we had to try another place. We picked one of the Chinese restaurants called 民聲冰室 (here is its entry on Open Rice) because we’d saw lots of other diners eating there.

The restaurant is famous for its meat mountains – which I believe are called Yuk Bang. This was truly fantastic and the best dish of the evening. The minced pork was really tender and soft and the gravy soy sauce dressing did go really well with it. The actual taste of the dish is slightly salty, so I ate a lot of plain white rice to balance out the strong flavours.

Meat Mountain at 民聲冰室

We also had the spicy chicken, which is more like a salad because it came with lettuce and noodles underneath it. The dish includes preserved eggs, peanuts, Chinese parsley, red bell peppers and a light vinaigrette. The dish had a little kick to it and was nice – but I am not a big fan of this type of chicken, so I just ate the sides.

Spicy Chicken and Morning Glory at 民聲冰室

In addition, we had clams in a curry sauce, with lots of red peppers and onions. The dish was tasty, except that not all the clams had been cleaned properly, so there was a little sand now and then – you had to be careful when eating it. We also shared some morning glory vegetables with shrimp paste.

Clams in Curry at 民聲冰室

To drink, some had beer and others tried the salty lemon with sprite. All together, the five of us paid 388 HKD and we were full and happy.

Will I go there again? Yes, especially for the very tasty meat mountain. This was by far the best dish of the evening, it tasted like something I wish my grandma would have made for me when I was a kid.

G/F, 16 Wun Sha Street, Tin Hau / Tai Hang

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