No Magnum ice cream in Hong Kong

I’m sure some of you guessed correctly that the pictures yesterday showed an ice cream maker – well, not a classic or traditional one, but an popsicle maker at a market in Bangkok. Here’s a picture showing the lady using it, she just fills flavoured and sweet water into the moulds, so the ice sets.

Bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market Ice cream 2

Talking about ice cream, one thing that really annoys me here in Hong Kong is that you cannot get Magnum ice cream here. You can get all sorts of Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen-Dazs, Godiva ice cream, as well as crazy lab made ice cream in Tin Hau or even home-made popsicles by Lola – but no Magnum ice cream.

I don’t know what the reason is – but I’d love to find out why it’s not being sold here. I’m sure lots of Europeans would buy it. It’s just so much better chocolate than the Haagen-Dazs bars.

Magnum ice cream 5 display

When we last visited Bangkok, we saw a Magnum store and cafe in one of the shopping malls – and they’ve made a huge display to announce their special flavours: Cappuccino, Brownies or Strawberry.

Magnum ice cream 1 display

Magnum ice cream 2 display

Magnum ice cream 3 display

It was an eye-sight, a huge dinner table decked out with Magnum ice cream, chocolates, cappuccino, brownies and strawberries. It immediately grabbed our intention – and of course, we had to try the new flavours.

Magnum ice cream 4

The portion sizes were smaller than the classic Magnum ice cream that I’ve grown up with but the taste was still there. Creamy ice cream, chocolate with a crunch and a strong cacao taste – lovely! I preferred the cappuccino version (which had some crunch in the chocolate shell) while Patrick liked the Strawberry one, so we just exchanged ice creams.

I still remember the first time I had a Magnum, which was huge and expensive, at 2 D-Mark back then! It was the basic chocolate version and after that I tried the white chocolate version and – my all time favourite – almond version. It really is a shame that they don’t sell them in Hong Kong, especially on hot days like today!


8 responses to “No Magnum ice cream in Hong Kong

  1. The exact same thought here, they sold magnum in all 7-eleven and supermarkets a few years back and for some reason when I came back to HK this year it is no where to be found, I even tried emailing their company and there is no respond yet… if you happen to find an importer somewhere please let me know

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  3. I miss Magnum ice cream, too!! It is my facourite ice cream brand.
    None of my friends talk about Magnum, it makes me feel that it was only my imagination.
    Thanks you!! Now I know that some people in HK also like Magumn.
    I wish I could buy it again in HK.

  4. I miss Magnum SO much as well – easily one of my most-craved things. Loads of my friends keep claiming that Magnums are sold here and I have to firmly correct them that no, Megas and Magnums are NOT the same.

    Apparently, they were sold here many years ago, but Walls pulled out of distributing in Hong Kong. I always get really excited when I see Magnum ads on nowTV… only to realise they’re for the other Asian markets where Magnums still exist, dammit!

    • I know – I just don’t understand why it’s available in Thailand and Singapore, but not in Hong Kong! I’m sure there would be a market for it! I’d happily eat one every day …

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