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Review: Lung Kee Restaurant

+++UPDATE: The restaurant has moved to G/F., 12 Queen Victoria Street in Central since April 2014+++

Lung Kee is a fantastic little shop/restaurant. I’ve walked past it so many times but never ventured inside. In fact, it’s a small shop next to a restaurant on Gage Street in Central (close to the Central Market), specialised in BBQ meat. It sells pork, goose, duck and some intestines (at least that’s what I could tell, it might even sell more).

Lung Kee restaurant 3

If you go to left side of the two shops/restaurants – that’s the shop. You can still eat there, but you’ll be sitting next to the piglets and goose that are waiting to be marinated and/or roasted.

The pigs will be marinated in a special recipe for many hours and are then placed in the huge oven that’s at the back of the shop (which you can’t see).

Lung Kee restaurant 2

There are only a few tables and chairs in the restaurant – but we went in the afternoon so it was not busy. There was even a regular lady, who eats at Lung Kee Restaurant almost every day (that’s what she told us) because it is so good.

Lung Kee restaurant 0

We tried the roasted pork (lean version) on rice. We’ve added a little soy to the rice and then ate the very delicious pork – it was very tasty. The texture was very good, nice lean meat that was not too chewy.

Lung Kee restaurant 4

Will I go there again? Yes, why not? It’s convenient, easy to reach (a few metres from the mid-levels escalator) and a great family-run restaurant with its own recipe to marinate the pork. In fact, if you read all the reviews, it is pretty popular among locals and tourists because of its famous roast meat.

Lung Kee restaurant 5

Lung Kee Restaurant
5 Gage Street, Central
Opens daily from 8am to 8pm

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