B&W Photography: Airport reflections

Last week I had some extra time to spare at the Hong Kong Airport, so I walked around and took a number of different pictures. I noticed that they all had one theme in common, they were all focused on reflections.

The first one shows some people (mainly kids and dogs) that seem to be dancing on the airport finger. Of course, that’s just a reflection from an advertisement onto the airfield. It looks kind of fun!

HKG Airport Reflections 1

HKG Airport Reflections 2

The next picture shows a mix of cars and signs on the tarmac – but what is actually equally as interesting are the big clouds of the typhoon coming in. It was about to start raining at the airport when I took the series of pictures.

HKG Airport Reflections 3

Here you almost have to guess where the finger ends and the terminal building begins. Again, some big clouds are forming in the background. The tarmac is still wet from some rain showers earlier.

HKG Airport Reflections 4

On the next picture the structure of the roof and ceiling is superimposed onto the sky – as if the sky has a similar structure than the ceiling at the Hong Kong airport.

HKG Airport Reflections 5

Finally, complete the series, let’s take one shot inside and show the reflections of the people. This time, there is no image overlaying or reflecting on top of another one, it’s just the mirror of the people walking on the shiny surface. Here you can clearly see the structure of the ceiling, which was reflected in the picture above.

HKG Airport Reflections 6

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