Black Magnum ice cream in Singapore

As you can guess from yesterday’s post, I’ve been travelling for a few days. I just came back from a business trip to Singapore, to which I tagged on a weekend. I’ve had a great time and will blog about it in the next days.

Today’s blog post follows my recent ‘There is no Magnum ice cream‘ in Hong Kong. Of course, there was lots of Magnum ice cream in Singapore and there are currently two special flavours.

Magnum Black in Singapore 1

One is called Black and is dark chocolate with vanilla/espresso ice cream. Of course I had to try it. It is an interesting combination with great dark chocolate, but it would have been a lot better with coffee-flavoured ice cream. Still, it’s nice to enjoy some Magnum ice cream.

Magnum Black in Singapore 2

The other flavour on sale was Pink, with champagne flavour. Given that the ice cream came in bright pink colour (just imagine all the artificial colour) I’ve decided to give this one a miss. Maybe I should have tried it though, given that I’m now back in the country of no Magnum ice creams? I really wonder what the reason for this is.

Magnum Black in Singapore 3

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