Hong Kong, Outlying Islands

Sunset over Nim Shue Wan in Lantau

A few days ago it was a very clear day – and I witnessed a beautiful sunset over the Nim Shue Wan bay from my living room…

Sunset 1

… the island in front is Peng Chau, while Cheng Chau sits in the background. The hills to the right still belong to Lantau Island. That’s where the Trappist Monastery is, on the way to/from Mui Wo.

Sunset 2

The ferry from Peng Chau arrived and picked up new passengers. Bounty, the pirate ship that serves now as an attraction of the Hotel Auberge was docking in front of us too.

Sunset 3 with Sam

Even Sam thought it was a nice evening. He likes to sit at the window and enjoy the view. He’s especially intrigued by the lights that switch on in the evening.

Sunset 4

A few minutes later, the sun had set and the darkness was surrounding us. Sunsets here in Hong Kong take about 20 minutes and by 7.30pm it tends to be dark already.


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