Hong Kong, Outlying Islands

Discovery Bay North Plaza

It seems that activities are picking up now at Discovery Bay North Plaza, now that the Hotel Auberge is open. There are more restaurants, shops and people now than I noticed there two years ago (when I first went to DB North Plaza).

Discovery Bay North 2

The DB North Plaza was opened in 2010 and it includes a mix of shops, restaurants and office space. There is a big Wellcome Supermarket, which is similar to Fusion (which is in the Discovery Bay Plaza) but has the greater selection on diary products. The prices are fairly similar to Fusion, but I prefer the meat, fish, fruit and vegetables selection at Fusion. I only go to Wellcome to pick up yoghurt, ready-made pizza dough, King Ludwig bread and Patrick’s favourite BBQ sauce.

Anyway, back to what has changed in DB North Plaza and what shops are now open:

  • There are Afflatus Hair Workshop (Shop G13F), an Interior Design Shop Mark James Design (Shop G16) and of course, a couple of property agencies (Centaline and Land Master)
  • Gillian Florist (Shop G13E) has some nice flower arrangements, there is a small Money Exchange and a sports shop called Sportsworld (105B)
  • I recently discovered a pet shop on the first floor, which is just called My Pet Shop (G09) and there are two shops selling kids wear (Prince & Princess in G13B) and accessories (Little Whale in G10)
  • My favourite shop so far is Arabica (G08) which specialises in coffee beans and has a great selection and very knowledgeable coffee experts (just note that the shop is closed on Mondays). If you don’t want to brew your own coffee, you can also go to Uncle Russ Coffee on the first floor (LG19) and grab a coffee on the go

If you’ve had enough of shopping, you can enjoy some food at the three restaurants that are currently open in DB North. I’ve tried two of them and can recommend them: Mirch Masala, a great Indian Restaurant, and Paisano’s which also delivers Pizza across Discovery Bay. I’ve not yet been to Jaspas, which serves Western food – a mix of salads, burgers and more.

Discovery Bay Plaza North 5 Paisano's

So how do you get there? You can take the internal shuttle buses C4 or C9 from the DB Pier or the 9S that starts at the Peninsular Village (Capeland Drive) and goes through Discovery Bay. The one-way fare is 4.40 HKD and there are some fare saving stations in DB North, where you can load your card with a 4HK discount for your ride back (but you need to ride within 45 minutes and start from DB North). There is also a free express shuttle from the DB Plaza every 30 minutes on the half hour and on the hour.


4 thoughts on “Discovery Bay North Plaza”

  1. Amazing blog, my family and I are moving to discovery bay first of October , I was surfing around trying to get the feeling of our life there , you have a blog that actually make me feel there.

    1. That’s great – welcome to DB. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time in Hong Kong, it is really an amazing place. I only planned to stay one year and of course, I’m still here (2.5 years later). Good luck & safe travels Michel, Ruth

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