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Review: 0.5 Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

We’ve walked past this place in Tin Hau a number of times, it’s the sister restaurant of a great Italian in Tin Hau – finally we decided to book a table for a Friday night with our friends Monica and Michael.

0.5 Contemporary Japanese Cuisine is a modern Japanese place, with a stark, modern design featuring lots of glass, wood and ropes throughout the dining room. The menu is pretty large with lots of different appetizers and snacks. The dishes are listed in Yen and only list key ingredients, so it is a little bit of a guess work of what to order.

First we were served a small salad with jelly fish and sesame seeds, as a greeting from the kitchen. Alongside, we had a shot of pineapple juice with grapefruit and sake, which was a very nice mix.

We tried some spicy chicken and fried sweet potatoes – both were nice but average dishes. Then we were served one of the highlights of the evening. Octopus salad, with pieces that were extremely bouncy in texture and with refreshing yuzu dressing.

Japanese Contemporary Dining 0.5 in Tin Hau 1 Octopus Salad

We also had some spinach leaves with crab meat and a tomato based cream sauce – very refreshing and tasty.

As a main, we tried Wagyu Konbu Maki, which is marbled meat wrapped in rice paper on top of a bed of black bread and flowers. The presentation was magnificent, but the beef flavour was limited and there was too little of it.

Japanese Contemporary Dining 0.5 in Tin Hau 2 Wagyu Beef Roll

The best dish of the night was Cod, Ume Plum, Sake. The fish had been prepared for three days before it was wrapped in a magnolia leaf and steamed. The sake was poured over the dish at our table. It was a fantastic dish – the cod was so soft, unbelievable. It balanced well with the smoky flavour of the leaf and the sweet and sourness from the plum jam that revived the taste of the fish. The dish was excellent.

Japanese Contemporary Dining 0.5 in Tin Hau 3 Cod with Plum Sauce

More average dishes was the fried mixed tempura and the game grilled and then steamed in a bamboo basket, served with green tea salt. It was nice, but a little too dry.

Japanese Contemporary Dining 0.5 in Tin Hau 4 Game

We also had some Paella – the seafood was good, but the dish was not Spanish enough and lacked some Asian elements. It was filling and a nice end to a great meal, but it did not stand out as such.

Japanese Contemporary Dining 0.5 in Tin Hau 5 Paella

Will I go there again? Yes – for special occasions. The food is not cheap (but it is of high quality). We paid 600 HKD per head to share a bottle of Sake and 4 appetisers and 4 mains. The portion sizes are small, so it’s not the best restaurant for the very hungry. But for someone looking for a quirky combination of modern Japanese – it’s a great place. I recommend to try the cod fish, it was the best I’ve ever had.

0.5° Contemporary Japanese Cuisine
Shop B, G/F, 12-13 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang Tai Hang, Hong Kong
Best to book in advance via 2504 2777


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