Best Spas in Hong Kong (2013)

My blog post about best spas in Hong Kong from last year is really popular – so I figured it is time for an update. I’ve tried a number of new locations and revisited some of my favourites.

So here are my current recommendations for body massages:

It was the first time that I tried a hot stone massage on my back – and I really enjoyed it. It was relaxing and I could feel that my clenched muscles were slowly letting go. Of course, the stones were hot, and it really depends on the skill of your masseuse, but in my case she was highly skilled and she knew when and where to place the stones and how long to leave them in each spot. It really helped a lot, I felt so much more flexible afterwards, it was unbelievable. I went to WHO’s Aromist in Causeway Bay and they combined a 60 mins massage with the hot stones. The normal massage was good, but did not stand out for me – but it was the hot stones massage that was magic. It was just a shame that the treatment rooms are tiny and close to each other, I could hear all the noise next door as well as from the receptionist on the phone – while it was all clean and smelling nicely (great aromatherapy oils) it was too noisy for my taste. Still, the Groupon deal I had used was great value for money with 138 HKD for a massage and 168 HKD for the hot stone upgrade.

Who's Aromist

Beauty Pro in Causeway Bay is hidden away on the 19th floor of a commercial building. It offers a range of services including pedicures and manicures (which I’ve not tried). I’ve only visited for a massage (I made use of a Groupon voucher, seems the company advertises quite frequently there) and I had some really great, strong massages at Beauty Pro. The location is convenient, the rooms are small but clean, the ladies really know their job and ask if you are enjoying their massage. I went six times, five times I had really great massages, and only one time it was too soft and focused too much on my head (instead of my legs or arms). Beauty Pro is at 19/F, Cigna Tower, 482 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay.

Beauty Pro 1

Beauty Pro 2

La Beauty Switzerland is similar to Beauty Pro – it is also hidden away in an office building, has several treatment rooms, is very clean with smoothing music playing in the background – the only difference to me was that I booked massages with facials together, so it was always a 2-hour treatment. The massages were very soft, concentrating only on my back, the back of legs and arms and my neck. It was ok, but nothing that I really enjoyed – I actually felt more pain in my neck the next day after one massage, so I can’t really recommend this place. La Beauty Switzerland also offers Groupon deals (that’s the one I used) and it is on 13/F, Honest Motors Building, 9-11 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay.

La Beauty Switzerland 1

La Beauty Switzerland 2

My all time favourite still has to be The Hermitage Spa – I loved it last year, I love it this year. Great service, the personnel is highly skilled, the rooms are quite, the shower room is amazing and most important of all, I enjoyed the best massage there this year. Powerful, strong arms released the tension of my muscles in my back legs (which is always hard work, given the amount of hiking I do) but were tender enough to not overdue the massage on my neck, which can be in pain afterwards (that’s always my soft spot, bad massages give me neck pain – of course, the ones at Hermitage Spa never do!). The Hermitage Spa is at 18/F, South China Building, No. 1 Wyndham Street, Central.

Spa Hermitage

For Foot Massages my all time favourite is Ten Feet Tall. Love the easiness of going to L Place in Central and that the prices are cheaper on Monday-Thursday, it’s a good excuse to go there early in the week! You don’t need to pre-book during the week, just go there and enjoy a perfect foot massage – you can even add on a head and neck massage! Ten Feet Tall is at 20/F and 21/F, L Place, 139 Queen’s Road Central, Central.

Which spas would I recommend for facials?

This is always a tricky one – again, I’ve tried several places. I revisited The Hermitage Spa, which is fairly great when it comes to facials (I just wish they would do a little more exfoliation and a little less massages. My skin is really oily and the impurities are deep in my skin, I need them to work my skin harder… but I guess that’s a very rare problem to have, most of my friends complain of dry skin and hence they need the moisturising massages…). Still, as always, the service is great, I love the facilities and always leave this place very calm and relaxed. The Hermitage Spa is at at 18/F, South China Building, No. 1 Wyndham Street, Central.

At La Beauty Switzerland I tried a combined massage with a facial. Let’s just say neither was great. The facial did not even include a steam or deep clean, it was just 20 minutes and I was left with a facial mask on my face for 20 minutes, which I could have applied myself at home. It is not great, so I only went there to use up my Groupon package. La Beauty Switzerland it is on 13/F, Honest Motors Building, 9-11 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay.

So when it comes to facials, I’m back at Cleopatra’s. The team there knows how to handle my skin best, they take all the time in the world to really clean it and get rid of all the impurities. They use dermalogica products which they let me try and sample at home too. Plus it is always very calming and relaxing given they only have one treatment room (so you have to book in advance). It is the best place for me and my skin to get a great facial done. Cleopatra’s is at Flat A, 2/F, Yan King Court, no.119-121 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai.

Spa Cleopatra's

[All images are from Groupon or the respective Spa’s website]

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