B&W Photography: Before the storm

We’ve had another T8 typhoon (if you don’t know what the typhoon signals mean, check out my previous post) passing Hong Kong this weekend. Typhoon Usagi was predicted to be the biggest hit this year, but luckily it passed Hong Kong without any serious damage.

Of course, life shut down in the city – everything closed on Sunday night, including the airport. People were told to stay home safe (and dry) and to remain there until Monday morning (the typhoon signal was cancelled at 10am).

Black and White Star Ferry Ride 1

I was lucky (again) as I was not in town when the T8 was visiting. I’ve already been lucky earlier this year: When Utor came close to Hong Kong I spent a few days in Singapore (see my posts here and here). I always seem to watch the 2013 typhoons from a safe distance… not like in the previous years, when I watched Vincente (2012) or Nesat (2011) from our windows.

Black and White Before the Storm

Every time there is a storm, you can tell in advance. The temperature rises and it gets really humid. Then you can also see the clouds building up – here are some pictures from earlier this September, when bad weather was coming into Hong Kong and I was just enjoying myself on the Star Ferry. You can just imagine how the weather was going to be 20 minutes later!

Black and White Star Ferry Ride 2


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