Photography: Waiting in line

Waiting in line is a way of life in Hong Kong. People queue for buses, ATMs, restaurants, new iPhones and even free McMuffins. All very nicely and orderly.

Sometimes there are markings on the pavement to tell you where to queue – other times people just form an orderly line by themselves. It is all very organised here in Hong Kong!

Waiting in Kowloon 1

Waiting in Kowloon 2

And yes of course, this is the city in which people (mostly mainland China tourists) queue up to be let into designer and luxury shops. Although, this photo below is slightly misleading, as this is just people waiting at the airport – who just happen to sit next to the Chanel scaffolding as the shop is being renovated.


Finally, what do you do when you are waiting? You read, chat, play or listen to music/podcasts/news on your smartphone…

Waiting in the MTR


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