Spotify songs that wake me up

Talking about music and the Clockenflap 2013 festival … I’ve been listening to a lot of Spotify lately.

I’ve got a Premium account and it makes music streaming very easy, I can listen to my music not just on my computer but also on my mobile. There are lots of songs to choose from, even on the Spotify Hong Kong account, which just launched in April this year.

I used to have an UK account, but since Spotify launched in Hong Kong I changed to a Hong Kong account – and 90% of the songs I’ve been listening to are available on the Hong Kong account.

For the last days I’ve been listening to my ‘Wake me up’ playlist on the ferry, on my way to work:

It’s a nice way to get ready for the day, listening to these ‘feel good’ and ‘start me up’ songs. The only challenge I have is that I now need to be careful not sing out aloud on the ferry, otherwise it will get VERY embarrassing for me.

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