B&W Photography: Leaving drinks in Discovery Bay

A few days ago we met up with our friends in Discovery Bay. We had a nice Thai lunch (the Thai restaurant is still the best, and I can’t believe I’ve never blogged about it!) and then went to sit outside at iCaramba to enjoy some drinks.

Patrick took his new Leica Monochrome along and finally I was able to get my hands on it and play a little with it. I took some pictures of Patrick with Michael, who were having fun.

Drinks in DB 1

Then Michael (with a funky palm tree hair cut) with Jim, who is about to leave Hong Kong for good and explore the other side of the world.

Drinks in DB 2

Finally Jim, having one of his last laughs at Discovery Bay – the place where it all started, where he had met with Patrick for the first round of drinks, that led us to move to Discovery Bay.

Drinks in DB 3

It was a nice leaving lunch with a lazy afternoon of drinks. Thanks for coming all the way to Discovery Bay and for spending the time with us. We had a great time – and more importantly, we wish you all the best Jim, Nat and little Eve. Safe travels and have fun exploring the other side of the world.


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