Green Power Hike 2013: Registrations are open

The green power hike will take place on Saturday January 25 on the Hong Kong Trail.

3,000 participants can take part and choose between three routes: For beginners there is a 10km hike from Aberdeen Country Park to theHong Kong Girl Guides Association Sandilands Centre, the advanced hikers can hike 25km from the Tai Tam Country Park (Near Parkview) to Big Wave Bay (see my training hike here), while the serious hikers can do all eight stages of the Hong Kong Trail for the 50km hike.

Green Power Trainings Hike 25km 10 Dragon's Back

The entry deadline is December 13 an you can start as individual or as a team. Either way, you need to complete the submission form and return it to Green Power together with a cheque for the minimum donation (from 700 HKD for students up to 3,200 HKD for teams). More details here.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to sign up for the 21th Green Power Hike! There are only 93 days to go until the race.

Update Nov 3: All places are gone now, you can only sign up for the waiting list.

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