B&W Photography: People on the Street

While walking through Causeway Bay and Wan Chai I took some pictures of the people surrounding me. So follow me on my walk through Hennessy Road and Johnston Road.

Let’s start with this elderly men taking a rest, while other busy people just walk past him – many of them just concentrate on their phone. That’s such a typical picture for Hong Kong, you always see people on the phone and there are a lot of elderly people on the street (some working others resting). On my daily walk to work I always pass an elderly lady who sits on the steps of a small shop and reads the morning newspapers. There are other regulars, on their way to the office, who always stop next to her and have a chat.

People on the Street 1

The next picture shows a busy road, Johnston Road, but as I took the shot on a weekend, it was less busy. On weekdays it can be packed here, with cars blocking the way and the doubledecker tram ringing its bell to stop people crossing the street in front of it. But today, it’s fairly quiet.

People on the Street 2

A police man is taking a rest – and two young girls walk past him. Again, you should not be surprised that the girls are on their phone again. This is Asia, after all.

People on the Street 3

Finally, I’m travelling on the doubledecker tram – and looking down at the people waiting and walking on the street. What an interesting view, don’t you think?

People on the Street 4


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