Halloween Hike 2013

Yesterday I’ve met up with a group of hikers to celebrate Halloween – we decided to hike from Central to the Peak and then visit the big party in LKF afterwards. It sounded like a good plan, but I did overlook the tiny fact that the Halloween party in LKF is the biggest in town…

Halloween 2013 in LKF 1

… so when I arrived at 7pm to meet with everyone, the police was already sectioning off some areas of Central and starting to arrange the the one-way queueing system to get into and out of LKF. As you can see it was pretty packed!

We met up at the MTR station and then walked up to Conduit Road/Midlevels following the escalator. It was fun to see all the dressed people surrounding us walking to parties in and around LKF, and even most of the hikers wore some Halloween accessories.

Halloween 2013 in LKF 2

Halloween 2013 in LKF 3

We’ve had devils, Frankenstein, Darth Vader, a pirate, several witches, cats and other creatures of the night joining us for the hike. Some even wore make-up to a sweaty hike with 25 degrees of temperature.

Halloween 2013 in LKF 4

Half the group decided to go for the easy route, so they turned back to Central after walking along Conduit Road – whereas I took a few of the more eager hikers up the Peak.

We then also made our way back to LKF, but of course, the area was too packed – so that’s where we dispersed. Some went home, others met up with friends and a few joined the queue to get into LKF. Judging from the pictures this must have been a very fun night… the ghosts and zombies danced the night away.

Halloween 2013 in LKF 5

Halloween 2013 in LKF 6


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