Mismatch between ads and actual HK temperature

Yes, of course I do know that advertisements need to be timed in advance of big events – or at the beginning of the season, if they announce new fashion trends. However, I do think that the big GAP ads that are currently displayed in the Hong Kong Central station are just so wrong (and believe me, there are many other winter ads across Hong Kong too – I just happened to snap pictures of those ads while walking to the MTR, I’m not singling out GAP specifically).

They show a woman and man both dressed up in warm jackets and coats for winter.

Gap ad in HK Central Station 3

People passing those ads are actually wearing shorts and t-shirts as we still have (and will continue to have) 27 degrees. The temperature is way too warm to go warm winter clothes shopping!

Gap ad in HK Central Station 1

Gap ad in HK Central Station 2

Looking at the average temperatures recorded at the Hong Kong Observatory between 1981 and 2010, the minimum temperature in November is 19.8 and 15.9 in December. So that’s way to warm to wear a warm coat or jacket, don’t you think?

HK average temperature

5 responses to “Mismatch between ads and actual HK temperature

  1. That is quite a mismatch indeed! My mom is heading to Hong Kong and I am so jealous she can enjoy the warm weather. It’s hovering around 0 degrees Celsius here in Canada

  2. actually it’s not surprising, at university i see students wearing coats already and am like what!! it’s 25 degrees but i think coming from cold environment (Canada) 25 is pretty warm for me but for those who live here in hot summer (38+ degrees) maybe it makes sense that 25 is actually chilly or cold lol

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