Back from India

Sorry that the blog has gone quiet for a few days … I’ve been visiting India for a few days and had such a great time. I attended a photography workshop with 10 participants and we visited Delhi, Jaipur and Pushkar in just six days.
Trip to India 1 Map

It was a short but very exciting trip. It was my first trip to India and initially I was worried that I’d get sick (I’m always one of the first to get an upset stomach), lost or harassed during my exploratory walks through the cities or that I’d be too overwhelmed by the poverty and bad smells.

Trip to India 2

But it turned out that everyone was really friendly and helpful, the vegetarian dishes were very yummy and I was careful enough to avoid any stomach issues. The people everywhere were so heart-warming and keen to share their stories or just asked for their picture to be taken – it was amazing how many different characters I’ve met during the trip.

Trip to India 3 Blue door

Of course, not all is sunshine and red roses: There is still a lot of poverty that needs to be overcome. Most of the rubbish just lies on the street (but I was surprised to see many street cleaners), traffic is horrendous and the inequality between rich and poor is huge. Also the smell can change quickly from freshly baked bread to a pungent, sulphuric pee smell. So yes, not all is great – and that is true for many countries in the world, not just India.

Trip to India 4 Colours

But India has some amazing sights, great colours, lovely people – and I really enjoyed this trip. We landed in New Delhi Airport and spent one day exploring the old quarter and Humayun’s Tomb, before taking the 4 hour train to Jaipur. There we explored the old city, Palace of the Winds, Amber Fort and an Elephant village, while glancing over to the Water Palace.

From Jaipur it was another 2 hours on the train to Pushkar, to visit the Pushkar Lake which is considered sacred and see the preparations for the Pushkar camel fair. We went back to Delhi for the final day, to visit the Jama Masjid Mosque, and walk around the old city again, before leaving for Hong Kong again.

Follow me over the next days as I’ll tell you more about the trip.

Trip to India 5 Lady with Sari walking along closed shops


5 responses to “Back from India

  1. Wow, you did so mch in such a short time!!! I’m glad that India was a nice experience for you. And yes, for a photographer it is a feast of colors and extraordinary sights.

    I was 6 months in India recently and wrote many blogposts about it. Also about the places you visited. In case you are interested;-).

    Am looking forward to your upcoming posts about India very much!

    • Thanks!

      I’ve already seen some lovely and colorful pics of India on your blog too, but I’ve not read them in detail. I will now head over to your blog to find out more!

      India truly is an amazing country and I’ve only seen less than 1% of it!

      • I have SO many posts, that you would need a week to read them…hahaha…and I have still some material lying. To be used for posts in the future. Like Humayun’s tomb; did not get to writing that post yet! Btw: just sent you an email.

  2. Lovely pictures Ruth.
    I am from India particularly Delhi, moved to HK a couple of months back. And i loved all the shots really. Good to hear that you had a lovely time exploring and taking pictures in India.

    • Nice meeting you Palka, glad that you found my blog! I had such a great time in your home country, I’d love to go back soon!

      I’ll follow your blow now, your health tips are really great!

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