New Delhi: Humayun’s Tomb

Our plan was not to do much sightseeing – as we only had six days in India and wanted to practice our photography skills. However, we could not skip some of the most impressive sights in New Delhi like the Humayun’s Tomb. During his visit to India in November 2010, even US President Barack Obama visited this site.

Humayun's Tomb Delhi 1

Humayun’s Tomb, is the first structure to use red sandstone and white marble in such a huge quantity – and more importantly, created a precedent for future Mughal architecture of royal mausolea, which reached its zenith with the Taj Mahal, at Agra. No wonder the shape looks so familiar!

Humayun's Tomb Delhi 2

It was built in 1570 and has been renovated many times – it actually just recently reopened in September 2013 after six years of restorations. So we were lucky that we could see it, fully restored to its former glory.

Humayun's Tomb Delhi 3

Humayun’s Tomb is located right in the heart of the city in a lush green park – which makes it a really nice location for a stroll or just a rest. We saw several couples on the park benches and interestingly police men were patrolling the area to ensure everything remained decent!

Humayun was the first to be buried in the Tomb when he died in 1556 but the tomb houses many more tombs now – in its side chambers. All the chambers are very plain now, there are no decorations – but what makes it very beautiful are the windows, I just love how the light falls in.

Humayun's Tomb Delhi 4

Humayun's Tomb Delhi 5

Several monuments dot the pathway leading up to the tomb enclosure from the main entrance in the West. Prominent among them is one that pre-dates the main tomb itself, by twenty years. Constructed in 1547, it is the tomb complex of Isa Khan Niyazi, an Afghan noble, who fought against the Mughals.

Humayun's Tomb Delhi 6

The octagonal tomb is positioned within an octagonal garden – another beautiful corner of this complex, where we sat and rested. Suddenly a group of very happy boys appeared – who made for a great photo.

Humayun's Tomb Delhi 7


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