Jaipur: Traffic

One thing we immediately noticed in Jaipur was the traffic – it was crazy. There were so many cars and scooters, we always had to be very careful when crossing the street.

Only at one morning, when we left the hotel at 6.30am, did we not get stuck in traffic – and that was the only time we could actually drive through a roundabout in one go, without having to stop at every exit point.

Jaipur Traffic 1

Not only were there so many cars and little tuk tuks (with crazy drivers that were speeding all the time) but also carriages drawn by horses, donkeys and cows.

Jaipur Traffic 2

It seemed everyone was carrying something to or from the market – we saw lots of vegetables and fruits on carts and even a men on a bike with several cages full of chicken.

Jaipur Traffic 3

So you can guess, we where not surprised anymore, when we saw an elephant walking past us! His decorations and paintings were beautiful, can you tell that his trunk is covered in the painting of a yellow tiger? Amazing. Very beautiful. I was surprised that the elephant didn’t get stressed out in all the traffic noise, but I guess he must have been used to it!

Jaipur Traffic 4


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