Pushkar: Walking through the quiet backstreets

After we’ve spent some time visiting the holy lake we decided to walk along the main street of Pushkar. We immediately noticed that this town was aimed at tourists – there was one shop next to the other and lots of cafes specialising in a mix of Western and Indian food.

There were lots of tourists making their way from one shop to another, to the Brahma Temple. This is one of the very few temples where Lord Brahma is worshipped, but it was too crowded to visit. So we decided just to walk along the streets and look at the houses and people surrounding us.

Pushkar 1 Street

After a few steps on the main street we decided to turn into the backstreets and alleys, which were much more interesting – there was so much more to see and explore.

Pushkar 2 Street

Lots more colour and also many more friendly people, who did not mind us talking to them and taking pictures.

Pushkar 3 Street

For instance, this mean is cutting stamps with his hands – some were shaped in the form of animals.

Pushkar 4 People

Those stamps are often used to print on textiles, so you could create your own print for your own dress. Of course, you could also use them to decorate paper or for letters, but traditionally they would have been (and still are) used for textiles.

Pushkar Stamps

I just love that everywhere you go you see tiny shops – there is no sight of Starbucks, 7-11 or McDonald’s in Jaipur or Pushkar. Instead, lots of individual shops often specialised in selling specific items. This one below sells all kind of lentils and rice for example.

Pushkar 5 Shop

Or if you want to purchase flowers, you might want to go to one of the flower ladies who just set up a stall on the side of the street. Those flowers are mainly used in the cleansing rituals at the holy lake but I’m sure you could also decorate your hair with them, they looked so beautiful!

Pushkar 6 Women flowers

Finally, a guy that was reading in front of his door step. He was so engrossed in his newspaper that I did not disturb him – actually, talking about newspapers it was really surprising to see so many different titles being sold and actually people everywhere were reading newspapers. Paper is still very popular in India it seems!

Pushkar 7 Man reading


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