Pushkar: Too early for the Camel Fair

Unfortunately when we arrived in Pushkar it was a few days too early for the famous annual fair, which attracts around 300,000 people and up to 20,000 camels, cattle and horses every year. It lasts for several days and includes livestock trading, horse dealing, pilgrimage and a religious festival.

According to Hindu chronology, it takes place in the month of Kartika (in November 2013) beginning on ‘ashtmi’ 8th day of Lunar Calendar and continues till full moon (‘Poornima’). The camel and cattle trading is at its peak during the first half of festival period. During the later half, religious activities dominate the scenario.

Pushkar fair set-up 1

Throughout the festival period the town becomes completely vegetarian and even more devotees flock to the lake – it was getting already busy on the Thursday we went (and the fair was only about to start on Sunday).

Pushkar fair set-up 2

Pushkar fair set-up 3

The fair ground is a few metres away from the main city area, so we walked towards the stadium – next to it was a big open field with lots of sand. The first tents were being erected and rows of make shift stalls set up. People would sell almost everything from decoration items for cattle, camel and women there, but only after we left – on the day we arrived the camels and horses were relaxing and the men looking after them were just sitting there and chatting.

Pushkar fair set-up 4

This gave us a great opportunity to walk around and take some pictures of our surroundings.

Pushkar fair set-up 5

The men were all really friendly and let us take their pictures – the only way we could communicate was with our hands and smiles, we did not speak the same verbal language.

Pushkar fair set-up 6

Of course, being at the location of the famous Camel fair I also had to take a picture of a camel – and that was fairly easy, there were several to choose from! I liked these two best, they seemed to have a nice chat with each other and both were also smiling at me!

Pushkar fair set-up 7 Camels

Pushkar fair set-up 8

Afterwards, we exited the field on the other side – that’s when we saw the gypsy tents on the side of the street. It’s crazy to imagine that people live there, but they really do.

Pushkar fair set-up 9

Lots of kids surrounded us when we tried to walk past the tents, we decided to keep going and don’t stop – as we were just two girls strolling around. The boys had been busy shooting pictures elsewhere… so we just slowly walked back to the city centre.

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