Photography: Beautiful kids in India

Of course, kids are always amazing subjects – and even more so in India, which is full of colour and contrast. On our first day in Delhi, when we explored the railway station I met this young boy, who was on the lookout for trains – he was less interested in me than the trains!

Kids in India 1 Delhi

The opposite happened when we visited Humayun’s Tomb – suddenly a group of boys appeared and they were all more interested in us, rather than the old stones and history surrounding us!

Kids in India 2 Delhi

In Jaipur, Monica and I walked through numerous backstreets – just trying to get a feel for how the people live in this historic city. Suddenly we stumbled upon an area with lots of kids. They came running to us and those that were upstairs, they stood on balconies and opened windows to shout and wave at us. It was such a fun atmosphere, we saw so many of smiling faces!

Kids in India 3 Jaipur

Some kids just came home from school, others were looking after their smaller siblings…

Kids in India 4 Jaipur

… others were meant to do their homework. But it did not matter, they all came running and jumping and asked us to take as many pictures as possible!

Kids in India 5 Jaipur

Of course, we then had to show them the pictures – and then they wanted us to take more. Here is Monica surrounded by all the kids that wanted to have their picture taken. We had to call it a day at one point, just to move on!

Kids in India 6 Jaipur

The next morning, most of the kids were already in school, but we saw this small boy – his father was standing behind us. Still, the boy was so scared, he did not even dare to smile! Bless him, he’s so cute!

Kids in India 7 Jaipur


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