B&W Photography: India

I know, that’s probably not the right thing to post about India – the land with the most amazing colour… however, I also post-processed a few pictures in black and white. Here are a couple of my favourites.

Again, you can guess where the first ones were taken… yes, the railway station in Delhi. It was good lighting but just too many colours so I had to reduce the colours a little bit. I think the images work quite well in black and white, don’t you think?

B&W in India 1 Railway Station Delhi

B&W in India 2 Railway Station Jaipur

You might recognise this shot, that’s the group of children we met at the Humayun’s Tomb, they were more interested in us than in the old stones and history surrounding us!

B&W in India 3 Humayun's Tomb

Inside the tomb were amazing windows, I just loved the patterns – especially this one, as it is broken and hence not perfect anymore. That adds even more character.

B&W in India 4 Humayun's Tomb

Finally, a few shots from Jaipur. The first one just shows how busy traffic in the morning can be!

B&W in India 5 Jaipur Street

Finally, a very typical sight – a street vendor selling snacks for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We had noticed that the tea shops open very early, at 5.00am they were all up, running and actually quite busy!

B&W in India 6 Jaipur Street Vendor


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